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Updated: Jun 12, 2019

By John Wright Gotts (John Gotts) lists great companies and opportunities, which have a high likelihood of preserving wealth while also providing upside of 10X to 100X over a ten-year period.

AngelTrades focuses on companies with a team that is executing, with a demonstrable, competitive advantage, and a blue-water first-mover opportunity.

For AngelTrades to consider presenting a company/opportunity to our Members that company must meet 100% of these listed requirements:

1. Massive Market Potential — AngelTrades Members are looking for companies in pursuit of non-trivial revenue and earnings or positive cashflow; this means annual revenue in the tens of millions to billions.

2. Brilliant Founders and a Dedicated Team — It is critical the founding team is made of very smart people willing to grind through the long hours and work, as well as having the experience to understand the market and perhaps have key market connections.

3. Companies, Not Ideas — There is a saying that companies are 5% inspirations and 95% perspiration. Another way to say that is AngelTrades is not interested in a shiny new startup that has no traction, team, product…, we only invest in opportunities that are up and running and looking for the fuel to play capture the flag.

4. Demonstrable Advantage to Competitors — Red water markets are already teaming with sharks and competition, blue waters describe virgin waters with no or few competitors and a place for a first-mover to take over the network effects and all the low-hanging fruit. We look for companies that are first to a market or have a product that is at least ten times better than any competitor.

5. A Proven Market Wanting Your Product/Service — If there is already a massive market in a blue/red-water space and the company can show an absolute advantage that is protectable we are interested. If a company can deliver a product or service at a better price point that will be harder but would still take a look.

6. The Company Knows How to Reach Their Market and Cost — It is critical that a company can gain market penetration and even better if the cost has a clear return on investment (ROI). As to ROI, the faster the much better.

7. The Company Has an MVP/S or Working Product/Service — We are looking for companies that can demonstrate a finished or nearly finished product or service, not companies that can build an idea into a minimal viable product or service.

8. The Company Must Domicile in the USA — We are an invite-only network of U.S. investors, and only invest in U.S. companies.

If ALL of the above points describe your company and you would like to apply for funding we require a fee of $300, payable by ACH, for our staff to review your opportunity before we provide a link for you to send your company information. If we are interested we will set up a time to talk by phone and take next steps. If we are not interested you will receive a reply telling you why we are not interested and how/if you can improve your chances of getting listed. This fee covers the cost of our staff and also helps us to weed out spam.

If accepted AngelTrades will help your create the following offering docs:

Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) — This is a required filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), which is provided to members and describes both the opportunity and the risk, the price of the opportunity and what is received by the Member for that cost. AngelTrades provides a way for Members to invest deal-by-deal in single opportunities, which are SEC-compliant utilizing rule 506 of Regulation D.

Due-Diligence Document — This is a thorough document provided with your offering to the SEC and Members covering corporate records, financings, assets, material agreements, intellectual property, financial data, personnel, tax matters, litigation, audits, regulation & filings and required miscellaneous information.

Presentation Deck — This is an 11-page powerpoint that provides Members with a 30,000 review with imagery.

Executive Summary (1-Pager) — This 1-page document summarizes the Presentation Deck for quick Member review.

Presentation Video — This short video provides a quick high-level view of the Company.

Business Plan/Memorandum — This document gives the reviewing Member an in-depth description of the opportunity and covers everything in the Presentation Deck and Executive Summary in granularity.

Profit/Loss Projections or Pro-Forma, including Capitalization Table — This is a five-page financial review of the Company, including Staff, Staffing Costs Year-1, Revenue vs. Costs (Profit/Loss), growth, 4-year projection and capitalization table. To many this is the real “meat” of the company’s potential.

Filing of Required Document with the SEC & Edgars — AngelTrades provides help filing the proper forms with the SEC & Edgars, which is required within fifteen days of accepting any funding from Members.


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