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I am going to be using Facebook to keep tabs on family and close friends and nothing else. It allows passive communication with loved ones without having to actually talk with them. (: Beyond that I am going anonymous and private. Goodbye.

In 2019 it is my goal to produce 100% of the food we eat.

I am blessed to have access to about 500 acres with water rights, that has been a producing farm/ranch for over half a century. We have done a lot of gardening the last seven years and each year we have produced more of our own food for our own table. Tonight as I fixed dinner for the family it was a mixture of spinach, garlic, onions, sprouts, yams, broccoli and butter, with salt and pepper and sour cream, with a pan-fried meatloaf that had catsup, dried onions, crackers and meat, with a garnish of crisp apple. I literally could have produced all of that but the salt and pepper.

Last year we produced more than twenty-seven varieties of fruits and vegetables. This year it could be twice that. I will keep everyone posted on this blog. I am excited about this and have decided to devote myself to this rather than politics, as politics has become too ugly. Between my cattle company, AngelTrades and the farm, as well as spending time with my lovely wife, I will be more than busy and very happy.

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