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John Gotts is the foremost expert on compliant, tradable digital securities. With the help of his attorney, who is a former SEC Commissioner, John Wright Gotts invented the Liquid Special Purpose Vehicle™ (LSPV™).
The LSPV is a single-focused fund, created as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), that has 100 shares, which are investible as representative ownership in the LSPV, and are tradable after a one-year hold period.
John Gotts is the founder, chairman and CEO of, which is an invite-only national (U.S.-only) platform for accredited/angel investors to buy and sell Chips in LSPVs.
John Wright Gotts and his partners (seated State Representatives and former State Senators) are now working on writing new laws regarding accredited investor status, to change accreditation from a earnings and net-worth model to one based on education and testing.
You can connect with John Gotts on LinkedIn, and you can read my latest blogs here or click on the Blog tab at the top of this website to read all of the published blogs on
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